Customized Specials

Customized Specials

TECAI offers the design and manufacture of customized bodyworks, adapted to specific needs and functions requested by the customer.

These bodyworks can be categorized in different ways depending on the most suitable configuration, they can be fixed, tilting or trailer/semitrailer.

The adaptability of these bodyworks allows us to offer a wide variety of uses and configurations such as workshop bodyworks, offices, display or street selling, kitchens, fairs, among many others.

Special and customized bodywork accessories can be very varied, since they are specifically designed to adapt to the needs of the owner or user and to improve the efficiency, safety, and comfort of the vehicle.

Our technical team will develop these customized bodyworks and they will make sure that they comply with the regulations of the General Vehicle Regulations.

Proyectos de Carrozacerías Especiales a Medida